Monday, June 24, 2013

No Music, No Life

Life opportunities are sometimes like a line of dominoes, all falling, one after another.  If I hadn't gone to that picnic almost two years ago, I would have never met Takuya, and then we would have never started singing together.  Playing for our friends and open mics became a monthly stint at Mellow.  And now, another door for us has opened.

My Japanese teacher introduced me and Takuya to Kousei, a man she knew who played gigs at a local English schools monthly international party.  She thought we could collaborate on a few things with him and play at this month's party.  We met up with him two Saturdays ago to talk about what we'd sing together and practice.  I was hesitant at first.  Sarah and Takuya was obviously a two-person thing.  I wasn't sure I wanted to sing with anybody else, or add anyone to what we already had.  But when we started practicing with him (he plays guitar and piano), I knew that he was someone like us - a person who played music because they loved it.

The party was this past Saturday, and we practiced on Friday until 1am.  It cool having another sound in our music.  And doing three part harmony is nice too.

The performance went really well.  What's even better is that we really mesh well as a trio. Man, we almost have a band!!

We've been asked to perform monthly at this party as well, and even if Takuya can't make every performance or practice because of his study schedule, I hope that I can still continue to sing with Kousei from time to time.

Does this mean the end of Sarah and Takuya?  Of course not.  It's just a side project - another opportunity opening up to us.  And I'm excited to see where it will lead!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Keeping it Mellow

Last Wednesday was our monthly Live at Mellow.  After we sang, our friend Mark had a special performance, which the audience loved.  It was a really great night!

We have some of the greatest friends who always support us, and there's always a new face or two that we see as well.  Thanks everyone, for coming out.  I'm glad you like what we do.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting Out

While Nathan was doing this,

We were doing this:

Ethan and I rode our bikes to Toyohira River and grabbed a few nikuman on our way so we could have a picnic.  We lounged about, Ethan reading The Hobbit while I read a magazine.  A great way to spend the afternoon.

Nathan's day is probably not so relaxing (he's running the Chitose marathon right now), but I know he's loving it!