Friday, August 20, 2010

Japan, Pt. 2: I'm still alive!!

Yes, I'm still alive - I've just been separated from the world while waiting for my internet to be connected in the apartment. It's hard to believe that I've been living in Japan now for about 3 weeks, and that Nathan and Ethan have been here for a week. Every day it feels a little bit more like home. Pictures of the apartment will be posted soon, as it's still a work-in-progress, I' m a little reluctant to share just yet.

It's been so nice to have Nate and Ethan here; it was incredibly lonely before their arrival. However, I kept myself busy cleaning out the mountains of stuff left behind my countless apartment predecessors. That seems to be the JET tradition, but I just couldn't handle it - it felt as if I was living in someone else's home. But now, over 20 trash bags later, it's beginning to come together. I also had a surrogate family while I was living the bachelorette life: Tim, Kele, and Adrienne.
Since we were the only ones that arrived as Group A, we became very close, and that has carried on over the weeks. We've decided that they are Ethan's honorary Aunt and Uncles, and Ethan seems to approve. They unfortunately live in another apartment complex across town (the "Gash" as it's called by the other JETS, it's where the single or younger JETS are housed), but we still visit each other.

So classes begin for everyone this Monday except me and another girl - we start the first of September. I'm eager to start teaching again. It'll be here soon!

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  1. Sarah, I love your blog. This is AMAZING. Someday I hope we can all catch up and hear yall's story. How are Nathan and Ethan? He must be just about grown up by now. Ethan, too. Ha! Good luck in Japan! Hajimemashite! I envy your diet! Don't trust any robots!