Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Bachelor Pad

I've always loved home decorating, and Ethan's room particularly so.  When he was small, his room had a 1950's era cowboy theme.  I raided my friends' antique store, and was so proud of the work I did in there. Wish I had some pics with me.

When we moved to Japan, the only things Ethan brought for his bedroom was a map he'd made, a few Playmobil vikings, other small mementos to remind him of home, and some books.  As hard as it is for me, I've allowed Ethan to decorate his room as he pleases.  Ok, ok, so maybe I've had a say in the decoration a little....

We lovingly call this room Ethan's bachelor pad, as he's been spending more and more time in there, listening to music, or playing his guitars.  Wanna take a look around?

Ethan has filled his bulletin board with pictures of my uncle Herman, when he was a young man in WWII.  My mom was sweet enough to send Ethan copies of these.

Oh, that couch.  It was in the living room, until we bought a nice, new one.  But Ethan loves it.

Ethan's two guitars.  The acoustic we found in the apartment when we moved in, and the electric we bought him for Christmas last year.  I'm amazed at how much he's improved!

Besides playing guitar, Ethan's other hobby is making model airplanes, particularly WWII era.  These are not fun for me to dust.

Just a portion of the map Ethan made about 2 years ago.  It takes up one whole wall.

Ethan continues to sleep on a futon at night, which gives the small room much more space.  I think Ethan likes his room - I think it's important to have spaces you can call your own.  It's a little bit of Japan and America, I think.

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  1. Barthia...

    I think Ethan's room's probably cooler than my room (and maybe my whole apartment).