Monday, November 5, 2012

Fun times and sick times

Last week, I was hit with a pretty nasty cold, which seems to be spreading around Sapporo.  But I had a lot of things planned with Rachel, so I loaded up on water and mikan (little oranges), and hoped I would feel better by the weekend.  On Halloween night, we carved a pumpkin and listened to Halloween-themed music.  Rachel even put on her frog hood she bought at the 100 yen store.  This must have put her in the holiday mood, as she proceeded to dance around our kitchen to Ghostbusters.

Other highlights of the week (when I wasn't coughing my lungs out): Taking Rachel to see my friend Nikki's live paint along with a DJ show, seeing the Hiragishi Tenjin yosakoi team perform, and finally have Rachel meet Nini and see Wakaba play.  Listening to Nini and Rachel bond over punk bands was a truly heart-warming experience!  It's no surprise that she's fitting right in to our little community here!!

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