Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Back in September, I had no idea things were gonna be so hectic for me in October.  Parties and friends and singing - I love it all, but can't help but feel a little frazzled.  And the month's not over yet!  Here's some highlights so far:

  • Going to see MC Mango perform for the first time.  Nathan and I have been wanting to go his performances ever since our friend Nikki told us about him.  I've never heard anything like him, and that's a good thing!  I definitely want to see him again, but I am really not cool enough for the crowds that come to his shows.  

  • I got together with some girl friends on Saturday for a pizza party/movie night.  The movie never happened, because we just ended up talking the entire evening!  But I guess that's to be expected, when we all get together.  Making new friends and talking with the girls was just what I needed, since I've been feeling little stressed out lately.  But instead of taking pictures of my lovely friends, we all took pictures of the pizza, which we don't often eat here because it's so expensive.  
  • On Sunday, I was really wanting to go to the flea market in Nakajima Park.  Nathan had some work he had to do, so I was surprised when Ethan said he'd go with me.  We had a great time, and he helped me find a few good things.  Afterwards, we walked around the park and then ate lunch together.  Later, he said, "Mom, I'm really glad I came with you today.  This was fun."  My heart just about melted.  Love that kid.

  • Wednesday, I was able to sing a song with my friend, Tadashi at his Live.  He's a really good jazz singer, so I was nervous, since jazz is not what I'm used to singing.  It was lots of fun, and the band was so nice.  
This Saturday, I'm singing with Kousei at Studio May's monthly party, and then we have a Live at Mellow together on October 30. Lots of good things to come!! 

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