Monday, September 20, 2010

We like books

Here in the Robinson household, we like books. We're quite the bibliophiles and had quite an extensive collection coming along back in the States (those who have seen pics of our NJ apartment may have noticed that I arranged them by color.) I'm more of the magazine reader - before all my favorites were cancelled - with Nathan and Ethan being the more avid book readers. One of our favorite things to do back in NJ was go to the nearby Barnes and Noble, buy a coffee, and read for hours. It was a family affair. Thank goodness we were told about Kinokuniya, a really great bookstore in Sapporo, with a large English section. We've already been there several times, and Ethan's used his allowance money to buy a few things. Here's some things that Nate and I have bought:
Nathan found this city guide to Sapporo by Phaidon, and it's great for those who have a more artistic flair. The places they recommend are not your regular tourist traps, and shows the more modern, artsy Sapporo. As a fan of modern and mid-century design, this book has several inspirational photos. I can't wait to visit some of the shops they recommend (although I probably won't be able to afford anything!)

Next up is my recent purchase, Solanin by Inio Asano. I'm not a manga reader, but something about this story just drew me in. I could not put it down! There's nothing significant about Asano's characters, just a bunch of average 20-somethings that don't know what to do with themselves now that they've graduated and have to go out into the "real world". I guess that story hits a little close to home (although I'm no longer a 20-something).
Sorry this is sideways**
And now, a magazine!
Japan has some beautiful interior design magazines. Homestyle caught my eye because the homes they showcase inside are much like the style I admire - modern and eclectic, simple and natural. This magazine really inspired me to work on our little hand-me-down apartment, and to try to make the best use of what I've got. Simplicity is the key, especially since our time here is so short.

Anyone have any book (or magazine) suggestions for us?

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