Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creatures of habit

I love routine. I was not born with a spontaneous bone in my body, even though being married to Nathan these 11 years has helped to open up to a little spontaneity in my life. But there's just something so comfortable about a good routine. I've been this way since I was young and it's definitely carried over into my own home. Come home from work, eat a snack, watch a little TV, make dinner, spend time with the boys, read with Ethan, put him to bed, watch a little more TV, in bed by 10:30. This was my schedule back home, and I rarely strayed from it. It's not as if I strictly adhere to it, it just sorta....happens.

And so it's no surprise that I've created my own little morning routine here in Japan. I know exactly when I need to leave the apartment (7:10) in order to walk to the subway station (10 min. walk) and catch the 7:21 train. I get off at Odori Station to catch another subway and I naturally go to the same car every day. Then I get off the subway to catch the 7:46 bus, which will get me to my school at 8:20. See? Clockwork. And I love it.

And apparently the Japanese love it too, because I've noticed in the past month that I've created this routine that I see the exact same people every day - they too stand in the same place to get on the same subway train. I look forward to seeing the same business men in their white shirts and black suits. The same high school students take the bus with me, and always sit in the back (and they'll never sit next to me, even if there are no other available seats). This one little girl takes the bus I take going home every Wednesday, and she always smiles at me, like we're friends. I find comfort in seeing these people every day. I've never talked to any of them, but I feel almost as if I know them, and when they're not on the subway or the bus, I have to admit that I wonder where they are.

And I'd like to think that they do the same for me.

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