Tuesday, February 8, 2011

327 days to go...

Day 31: My principal brought this back for me from Tokyo. A box of delicious cookies.

Day 32: One of my third grade drew this for me. It's me, if you can't tell, and it took her about 5 minutes to draw it.

Day 33: So not a picture per se, but hey this is my project, I can make up my own rules. After school, we were talking and the boys told me they wanted to show me something. Then they did this. And this is why I love the third graders at my school.

Day 34: Layers of deliciousness in my maki sushi roll.

Day 35: The second graders had some kind of field day on Friday, where each class competed against each other in various relay races. They even got me jumping rope and throwing paper airplanes.

Day 36: We ate at Jacksonville Burgers on Saturday. The best hamburger I've ever had!

Day 37: A small snow sculpture in front of Sumikawa Elementary School. I think it might be Totoro.

Nate's family arrived in Sapporo on Saturday, and it's been a little surreal to see family. We've been taking them to all our favorite places, and plan on doing some excursions into Hokkaido this weekend. We went to see the Snow festival tonight, which is incredible (pictures coming soon!), but after 2 and a half hours out in the freezing temperatures, we had to leave. But the sculptures are amazing, and if you can brave the cold, the food out there is really good as well.

Brrrrr...I think it's time to drink some hot chocolate!!

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