Monday, February 28, 2011

306 days to go...

Day 52: A sweet card given to me by a student. I was helping her practice for the English interview for a High School she wanted to go to. She passed!

Day 53: A cute figurine I bought from an artist at a handmade goods market.

Day 54: Ethan turned 12.

Day 55: Sakura blossoms at Sagara sensei's.

Day 56: Ethan playing at his school's variety show with his guitar teacher. So proud...

Day 57: Nathan on our tiny, crappy couch. However, I'm excited to say that we're buying a new couch this weekend!!!

Day 59: Only in Japan would construction barriers look like cute monkeys!


This week is the last week I'll teach my third graders before they graduate and move on to high school. Which stinks, because third grade was definitely my favorite grade - they were more comfortable talking with me, and they always asked me to eat lunch with them. But second grade's finally warming up to me (they're the more "challenging" group of the school), and I've gained a few fans who don't mind talking their limited English with me. It's sad to think that March will be my last month at Hokuyo - it seems that just when I get comfortable with a school, and the teachers and students get comfortable with me, then I have to move on. C'est la vie, I suppose.

Ethan's variety show was great, and I was so proud of him performing in front of everyone. Among the myriad of piano solos and duets, he was the only one that played guitar, and he's pretty good for a kid who just started playing about four months ago. Who knows, maybe I'll pick up Ethan's acoustic and teach myself to play again!

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