Sunday, June 26, 2011

188 days to go...

Day 164: Ethan after a haircut and eyebrow-waxing. Maturity not included.

Day 165: Me and the graduate.

Day 166: at the Sapporo Festival. Love the old-timey carnival feel of this motorcycle show.

Day 167: Love the uniforms on these kids. Check out those cute hats!!

Day 168: Bikes have interesting names here.

Day 169: The trash guys taking all the Sumikawa junk away. Years and years of ALT stuff accumulation finally gotten rid of!
Day 170: A beautiful Father's Day in the Botanical Gardens

Day 171: Nathan's Father's Day card and sake set.

Day 172: Ethan on his new bike, a graduation gift.

Day 173: Advertisement on a tissue bag. Read what the cats are saying.

Day 174: Another interesting bike name.

Day 175: The student council cheering during what I can only assume was a pep rally for all the sports teams. They started playing tournaments this weekend.

Day 176: At the Anpanman store in Furano

Day 177: Orchids of all kinds in Odori Park

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