Monday, June 20, 2011

Movin' Up

Tuesday was Ethan's graduation from 6th grade. It was an exciting moment, seeing Ethan with all his school mates. It made me so grateful that we were able to send Ethan to Hokkaido International School. As his small class of fourteen marched down the steps and sang their songs, I thought of how far Ethan has come since we first moved here almost a year ago.
For one, he's as tall as me now, and we no longer wear the same shoe size. His math skills improved so much this year, which I credit to the fine teaching of Ms. Deelstra, and the fact that all his classmates LOVE math!

It's fun, seeing him grow and figure stuff out. He definitely has his own mind, and is very independent. He's creative and smart - I know everybody says this about their kid, but it's true!

Each 6th grader gave a speech, talking about their best memories, or thanking their favorite teacher. Ms. Deelstra had Ethan give the closing speech.

(There's another video of Ms. Deelstra talking about Ethan, but I can only upload 1 video a week on Vimeo, so I'll put it up on my facebook it you'd like to see it)

In America, there's a graduation for everything - Kindergarten, sometimes 5th grade, then maybe 6th grade, then junior high and finally high school - and I think it take some of the excitement out of it all. But this graduation was special in so many ways: a new school, and new country, and so many new and different experiences. It was definitely a day we'll never forget!

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