Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Great Outdoors, and other adventures

I love spring and summer in Sapporo.  After the long, hard winter hibernation, everything is now green and the birds are singing and the sun is shining.  I can see why the Japanese school year and business hiring starts in the Spring - everything has such a new feeling.  A new beginning!

Living in Sapporo is great, but we live in beautiful Hokkaido, and Nathan and I decided that last year we hadn't really taken advantage of seeing Hokkaido beyond the city.  This was mainly because we didn't have any friends with cars, and weren't quite sure where to go.  But that's changed this year!

We were able to tag along with some friends of ours to an outdoor excursion to Takino Suzuran Park this past weekend.  It was a beautiful Saturday, and we cooked yaki soba for lunch, walked among the tulips, and played park golf in the afternoon.  In the evening we grilled a multitude of meats (cow stomach and tongue anyone?), and drank and sang the night away.  That's when things got fun!

It was a total blast, and we made new friends with a group of people that reminded me a lot of my actor friends back home - loud, spontaneous, and a little crazy!  My kind of people (and yet quite the opposite of me, haha).

The group amongst the tulips

Gettin our park golf on

We love us some meat!

Everybody having fun

...And then things got crazy.  This was one of the tamest photos I had, haha!

Wigs happened.  Oh yes they did.

Saga.  Livin the life.  And on his 8th beer of the morning, ha!

Our cabin.  Man, I love Japan camping!!
 Good friends and good times.  It can't get any better than that!!

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