Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How does her garden grow?

German chamomile

Italian parsley and basil


Italian tomatoes

My tomato plants, mint, and rosemary

Swiss chard

cosmos and zinnias

I started up my little balcony garden again this year.  Trying my hand at two new kinds of tomatoes, and a handful of herbs and flowers.  The tomato plants are definitely not as full and bushy as they were last year, but I'm thinking it's just because they're a different kind (I wanted something a little bigger this year, as opposed to the tiny, cherry tomatoes I grew last year).  Swiss chard is also a new addition this year, thanks to my friend Kelly giving me her extra seeds.

And the aphids are back this year, but this time, I was ready for them.  I use a mixture of water, dish soap, and garlic oil.  It's extremely effective, but I have to spray my plants every day, and sometimes the oil in the spray burns the leaves if it's a very sunny day.  I got one good harvest of my lettuce greens, but the aphids love my lettuce, and eventually, despite all my spraying, I had to just pull it up.  But all the other plants seems to be doing ok.

I will defeat you, aphids: my tiny, green enemy!!

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