Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

I'm a little late posting about V-Day, but Thursday is my Japanese class, and then the weekend just flies by.  Valentine's Day is celebrated a bit different here in Japan.  The holiday isn't really about roses, jewelry, and a nice dinner like it is in the States.  It's mainly a chocolate fest, with girls and women giving the sweets to the boyfriends/husbans/friends/coworkers.  Men are supposed to reciprocate on White Day, in March.

We Robinsons take a little of both traditions for our Valentine's Day.  I made a nice dinner for the boys and gave them some Godiva chocolates.  I had the "I Like You" poster made and gave it to Nathan.  In case anyone is interested, I made the large God's Eye in the picture, and Ethan made the small one at school in 6th grade.  Nathan bought me a Korilakuma kokeshi that now stands proudly with the rest of my collection.  (Note to self; stop collecting kokeshi.  You can't bring them all home.)

I also made a cake for the boys this week, which I was pretty proud about, since baking is not something I do very often.  Besides banana bread.  Man, I love that stuff.

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