Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winter Doldrums

It's March, and that means Spring is coming for most of you.  But not for us in Sapporo, oh no.  For us, winter is long, and the snow that's been accumulating since December won't completely thaw out until April.  Maybe. 

This is now our third winter here, and although I don't really mind the snow most of the time, it's this time of the year that I'm just so tired of winter.  Where the only colors you see in nature are white and blue (and the blue only if it's a nice day out). 

On Saturday, we had some serious wind, and it could've easily been a blizzard if there had been more snow.  I'm talking West Texas wind in Spring kind of stuff.  We hundled in the house, watched movies, and listened to the wind howling outside.  Then I realized we had no food in the house.  So Nathan and I braved the weather and walked to the supermarket, which was the only time I set foot outside for the rest of the day. 

I'm a homebody at heart, and love spending time at home with my boys.  But this cold and snow is starting to get to me.  We can't afford winter sports like skiing, although Ethan and Nathan did go ice fishing yesterday.  Karaoke is my winter sport of choice (okok, so I love karaoke in all seasons), but even that doesn't work to cheer my mood this time of year.  I've started going to zumba classes again, and working out more, in an effort to lift my spirits and get in shape for the inevitable spring when I can wear skirts and dresses without tights. 

Yes, Spring is coming.  Even if it feels like this Winter will never end.

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