Monday, October 25, 2010

School Festival

Higashi Yonesato held its school festival yesterday. Every school might be different, but I'm under the impression that every junior high (and high school?) has a school festival every year, and to me it seems to be more of a showcase of the arts more than anything else. At my school, the students' art was displayed, the classes performed plays and played in the band. We had a great turnout - great for a school of 9 kids anyway, and I was really proud of the students' performances. I only have 4 more days at the school, man I'm gonna miss those kids.

The junior high kids performed a play they'd written themselves about friendship, and the elementary school kids performed some kind of a fable, I think. Something about birds who'd flown out of their cage and into the forest, each one finding its own way. I didn't really need to know the story, it was the cuteness that I loved. I mean, check them out:

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