Monday, March 7, 2011

299 days to go...

Day 60: Japan has the absolute weirdest flavors of Kit Kats known to man.

Day 61: A mosaic on the front door of Hokuyo. The Pegasus is their mascot.

Day 62: What a surprise, more snow.

Day 63: In Nakajima Koen

Day 64: Another one of those times where the day was over and I remembered I hadn't taken a picture. Thus the shot of our kitchen from the bed.

Day 65: It's the simple things that help you feel closer to home. Like being able to watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report on the computer.

Day 66: My pretty dessert at the cafe in the Kitara music hall.

What a great weekend we had! On Saturday night, we accompanied our friend Sara to see Bunraku, which is an old form of Japanese puppetry. If you don't know anything about it, check it out online, it really is amazing. Ever since I studied about Bunraku in Theater History, I've always wanted to see it. Granted, I had not idea what the stories were, but just watching was fun. On Sunday, it was off to the Kitara Concert Hall to see my Principal perform with a singing group. Last week, he came by my desk and told me about the concert, then gave me three complimentary tickets, so how could I refuse? Actually, it was great, the singing was just beautiful. Some Hokuyo students were there, and they were so excited to actually see Nathan (the legend!) in real life.

Ethan's school had an overnight trip to Takino on Thursday and Friday. It was the 4-12 grade, and the days were filled with lots of activities . Ethan told me he snowshoed, went snow-tubing, and did lots of other activities with the word snow in them. He told me they stayed up until 1:30 am doing whatever boys do at a sleepover. It makes me happy to see Ethan adjusting so well to life here. His friend Simon even came over on Saturday after aikido. Ethan and Simon are both into WWII history, and Simon has even gotten him into making model airplanes.

Hokuyo is gearing up for the third year students' graduation, which is March 15. In Japan, the school year ends in March and the new school year starts in April after a spring break, as spring is seen as the time of new beginnings. Songs are being practiced every day, posters are being put up, and goodbye notes are being passed. I've asked a few third graders if they're excited about graduation, and most say they're actually sad. It's understandable, all of them are going to different high schools throughout the city, so they might not see some of their friends again. I guess graduation is always a bittersweet celebration.

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