Monday, March 21, 2011

285 days to go...

I'm putting two weeks together for this photo blog post. Last week was just a little crazy.

Day 67: Clash guitar chord book Ethan got for his birthday. He wants to learn to play, "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

Day 68: Ethan in the morning.

Day 69: I swear by this stuff! It's great for dry skin.

Day 70: Ethan took this picture for me of a poster in his room.

Day 71: The day when things got crazy.

Day 72: In this picture, I was trying to capture the enormity of the alcohol bottles on the bottom shelf. Take my word for it, they're huge!

Day 73: I remember buying cigarette candy when I was thinking I was so cool. But these look a little too real.

Day 74: The third grade's last day of school before graduation. My crazy girls!

Day 75: Taiga on graduation day. It was a surprise for his class, who told me that the make up was "Japanese old culture". He washed it off before the ceremony.

Day 76: Bet you didn't know James Dean had a yarn line.

Day 77: I made makezushi and miso soup for dinner. Oishii!

Day 78: Good luck lion puppet given to us by some friends.

Day 79: Maggie's birthday party. Fun times!!

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