Tuesday, April 19, 2011

257 days to go...

Day 101: Huge slices of heaven. Our first Western-style (aka big and no mayonnaise) pizza since coming to Japan. Thank you Costco!!

Day 102: Baseball team, showing off their warmup skills. These boys have easily become my favorites at the school. I'm even going to their game on Saturday!

Day 103: My shoe locker at school. The ram is the school mascot, I think.

Day 104: Cute third graders. Barely speak a word of English, but they love to see pictures of Nathan!

Day 105 and 106: For some reason, I didn't take any pictures these two days. I don't know what was going on with me. Last week was a long week. So here, enjoy a picture of a puppies instead:


Day 107: Great gum packaging. Too bad the gum's gross.

Day 108: Ethan with his new glasses. These now officially make Ethan the coolest 12 year-old ever. He looks like he should own a record store and write for Rolling Stone.


I hope everyone enjoys looking at these pictures. With the exception of two days this week, this is one New Year's resolution I've kept, which never happens. It's not so much about the photography, I just thought this would be a really good way to document the little things that go on in our life here. I think it'll be fun to look back on in the future. But in no way do I fancy myself a photographer....

Last week felt ridiculously long. I think it's just getting used to the new schedule of things, and last week was the first full week at my new school. The kids are warming up to me, and I'm realizing how low most of their English skill is, especially the third grade. I can see on their faces how much they want to talk with me, but are just scared to death to speak English. I'm encouraging them as much as I can, hopefully it'll make a difference. And so far, I've really enjoyed the work I'm doing in the classroom. The teachers use me quite a bit, and for more than just a tape recorder. One of the first grade English teachers even told me I was so helpful, which made my day! In two weeks I'm off to another visiting school for the month of May, this schedule is killing me! I'm ready to settle down in one place! I saw one of my old Hokuyo students on the subway the other day, he was coming back from his new High School. I probably scared him and his friends to death when I ran up to him.

Nathan got a new bike, and I'm feeling the urge to get one as well, but I will require that it be cute. Do you think they sell Rilakkuma bikes?

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