Monday, April 4, 2011

271 days to go...

Day 87: Sunday dinner was a twist on the American classic - steak and mashed potatoes with a Japanese mushroom sauce. Delicious!!

Day 88: My beautiful flowers from Hokuyo. Still looking beautiful now, even after a week.

Day 89: My little Hokuyo bouquet.

Day 90: Can't believe I've never taken a picture of this. This is on the toilet in our bathroom. Just in case you need directions on how to use a Western toilet, I suppose...

Day 91: It's election time in Sapporo. This is one of the candidates for something, out talking on the streets. Note that he's standing on a box.

Day 92: Took this picture to show the new photo project I put up on our wall. But notice to the right the ugly blue thing they call a sofa...

Day 93: ...and behold, our brand spankin' new sofa bed, finally delivered after I ordered it three weeks ago (the earthquake stalled deliveries from Tokyo). I'm sitting on it right now, and let me tell you, it was worth it!


Last night was our first-ever Ladies Night; a bunch of us got together and had drinks at a bar called Electric Sheep and then karaoke. It was the most fun I've had in such a long time! I have a tendency to become a hermit here with my little family, the effect of which is that I've never really had too many close friends. But I think it's good for me to get out once in a while and just enjoy myself! And that's certainly what we all did last night as we karaoke-d (new word) into the wee hours of the morning. We talked, sang, danced, and laughed the night away, and even though I may have had one too many drinks (ahem..), I woke up this morning so happy that I got to hang out with such an incredible group of women. I feel another Ladies Night is in our future....maybe around my birthday?

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