Wednesday, April 13, 2011

264 days to go...

Day 94: Susukino on Ladies Night.

Day 95: I think this photo (by Kelly) perfectly illustrates our karaoke session during Ladies Night. I can't remember what we were singing, but we were into it!
Day 96: Nathan took this ghostly picture of Nathan.

Day 97: Beautiful, European-style church I found while walking to my new school.

Day 98: Small samurai dolls and suits of armor for Boys' Day in May. I thought I'd buy one for Ethan, then I looked at the price: about $800!!!

Day 99: Posters advertising club activities at school.
Day 100: Tea cup at a great sushi restaurant we went to with friends. But anyone else find it disturbing that the mascot for this place is a dolphin?


In other news...

  • Spring has finally come to Sapporo. After a few over 40 degree days last week, the streets are finally walkable again, and the only snow left is the bigger piles here and there. I'd forgotten what this place looked like without snow!
  • With Spring comes the new school year in Japan. The subway is full of high schoolers every morning in their crisp, new uniforms. I keep hoping I'll run into my old students from Hokuyo...
  • We took our first trip to Costco on Sunday, to find Ethan some glasses' frames. Not only did we purchase some great "Buddy Holly" style frames, but we had our first American-style pizza since coming to Japan. God bless Costco!
  • My new school is pushing my Japanese skills to the limit. Everyone speaks to me in Japanese - even the English teachers! I come home mentally exhausted from having to think so hard!

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