Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrating the 4th in Japan

Since the 4th of July is on a Monday, and we obviously don't get off, all the JETs got together for a 3rd of July BBQ. And what the heck, we'll throw in Canadian Independence Day for good measure! It was a beautiful, albeit windy, afternoon, but as the evening came, the wind died down and the fireworks came out. You can buy fireworks everywhere in Japan, although they're not that powerful. But they're pretty! Hanging out with friends, eating, and fireworks - it's what I love about the 4th, even if we aren't in the US of A!

Scarlett showing her love for America (she's from New Zealand). I brought this flag, and it passed around quite a bit throughout the night, and now I can't find it, haha.

Sparkler time!!

Sparklers require prancing.

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  1. Sarah, it's way different from Canyon's celebration, but it looks very fun. Hope you guys are doing well!