Monday, August 8, 2011

146 days to go...

Day 211: Ethan and I visited the chocolate factory to eat, not chocolate, but ice cream. Yummy!

Day 212: Little gnome house in Odori Park.

Day 213: Animal totem at Maruyama Zoo

Day 214: Let the tomato harvest commence!

Day 215: Ethan, Blair Witch style. Anybody remember that movie?

Day 216: Why does this picture freak me out?

Day 217: Glass pyramid at Moerenuma Park.


  • Lately, I've been feeling restless around the house, and I've been trying to get out and about as much as possible. Today, Ethan asked me, "Could we just have a restful day today?" Our restful day consisted of cleaning, grocery shopping, and helping a friend move a couch into her apartment.
  • It's like somebody turned on the hot button here in Sapporo the last few days. All of a sudden it's become very hot and humid, which makes me want to stay in our un-airconditioned house even less.
  • I met some really incredible people this week. On Saturday night, Ethan and I spent the evening sitting in the park and hanging out with all these amazing people from all over the world. They played guitar and we sang - it was just a really great weekend!

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