Monday, August 1, 2011

153 days to go...

Day 199: Kimono ladies on the subway

Day 200: Illustrations on the door of...I don't know

Day 201: Three of my favorite boys from Hitsujigaoka.

Day 202: Went out with the Keihoku English teachers on this night. For the nijikai, we went to this small snack/karaoke bar in which there were only old men. Very fun!

Day 203: Three of my most favorite ladies...and they're all back home now! Nate and I got to hang out with them on one of their last nights in Sapporo.

Day 204: Hamburgers marinated in sweet chili sauce, and a cucumber watermelon salad (with mint from my garden). Very delicious!

Day 205: My last day at Hitsujigaoka. Two of my fav girls.

Day 206: Nathan and Ethan hiked Mt. Moiwa, and they brought me these flowers in their backpacks.

Day 207: Nada

Day 208: This week I helped out with the English Club at Keihoku HS (my new school). On my walk to the school, this house caught my eye.

Day 209: Relaxing in Odori park on a beautiful day.

Day 210: New hairstyle


This weekend, we found out that Nathan's grandmother passed away. It truly was a shock for all of us, and Nate's left for the US this morning to attend the funeral. So Ethan and I are on our own for a week, and we're gonna try to make the most of it. Although Ethan's not too happy about going to the dentist tomorrow!

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