Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer days, driftin' away...

Today was mine and Ethan's first day of school after summer vacation - me as a high school teacher and him as a junior high school student. Both of us seem happy with our new experiences - although Ethan's getting at that age where you can't get much out of him other than "fine", or "good". JHS students are so elusive...

I have a good feeling about my current school, Keihoku Commercial High School. I'd visited it this summer a few times to help out the English Club, so I was fairly familiar with the school layout and some of the students. But that didn't stop me from being completely nervous all day yesterday. What happened to that actress part of me that loved speaking in front of people. Remember Sarah Fierce? Well, she decided to show up right as I walked up in front of the Keihoku staff, reciting my usual Japanese self-intro, but with a few additions. Apparently, I spoke my self-intro in Japanese a little too well, because later, the Principal invited me to come to his office to chat, wherein he had a full conversation about JFK in Japanese. I nodded, trying my best to understand what he was saying - who knew my Principal was going to be a Kennedy buff?

Next up, it was the intro in front of the student body, about 730 students. I always do this speech in English, and as I walked up the steps of the stage to the podium, I heard a cacophony of "kawaii" - referring to me I presume - and that took away some of the pressure. The students seem very friendly and eager to speak English. I'm sad that I'll only be working with the 1 nensei, but I'll make it a point to go around and meet the others.

So, just like that, summer is over. It went by way too fast, much as it always does. Ethan and I had a few adventures last week - sort of a last hoorah, you might say.

Goodbye summer, you were fun while you lasted.

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