Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I *heart* you!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

On this day that's all about hearts and chocolates, I thought I'd share something from my home.  Since living in Japan (and this apartment) is only a temporal thing, I wanted our place to feel homey without having to buy too many things.  I thought of hanging a bunch of pictures on the wall, and I loved the size and shape of the Hipstamatic photos when they were printed from my iPhone.

I'm not sure where I got the idea to put them in a heart shape, but I played around with how I wanted them until I thought it looked sort of like a pixelated heart.  Each picture is from our time spent here in Japan, and each holds a special memory.

Trips to the botanical gardens, relaxing in the park, Ethan looking sullen.  It makes me happy when I see this every day.  I've added a few more pictures since I first put it up, and the heart's getting fatter.

Here's hoping your heart is full of good memories too this Valentine's Day!

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