Friday, March 16, 2012

Style inspiration for Spring

When I came to Japan, I brought only enough clothing to fit into two of my large suitcases.  My goal was to not buy too much while I was here, and to leave with about as much as when I came.

But, well, I'm a girl, and that's just not gonna happen.

Some of us girls got together and had a clothing swap last Sunday, and I'm happy to report that I gave away almost all the clothing I brought.  Even though I did come home with a *few* things!

There's no question I love to shop - and for clothing especially - but I am trying to live a little more simply while living in Japan.  My goal is to buy nicer, simpler pieces that are timeless and can be styled in different ways.  But sometimes, I think it's OK to give in on a few trends here and there.

Here are a few trends I wouldn't mind adding to my closet this Spring:

I've never really wanted to wear pastels, because I thought it didn't look too good with my very pale complexion and light brown hair.  But one look at these dresses, and I think I'm willing to risk it.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Graphic Patterns
Yes, I'm a thirty-something year old woman, but I think it's OK to have fun with what you wear.  I think patterns like this make a girl feel young - and fun!  And there's nothing wrong with that!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

And on the opposite end of the spectrum is chambray.  But I think it's the perfect neutral for spring.  I love the ways that women are dressing it up a bit - I definitely want to try this out.

Colored Jeans
I've already jumped on the bandwagon on this one.  I went in to Zara the other day with a friend, with the full intention on buying black pants for work.  Instead, I came out with red jeans much like this.

My wardrobe is so full of greys and blacks, and tans, so it's nice to have a pop of color.

What are you wanting to wear this Spring?

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