Thursday, May 10, 2012

We Got Spirit

On Wednesday, Keihoku had their annual pep rally (forgot what it was called in Japanese) for the sports teams and other clubs.  Each group came and stood in front of the students body, talked a little about their team, when they're competing, and the names of the players.  It's funny, contrasting Keihoku's pep rally with one back home.  Although there was some yelling, and the brass band did play, it was extremely organized and calm.  Quite different from the energy, cheering, and dancing experienced in an American high school.

I wonder, what my current students would think if they saw the cheerleaders back home...

My English club girls, talking about their speech competitions

The baseball team, high-steppin it out in style

The soft tennis team.  Definitely the largest club from what I could see.

The soccer team
At the end of the pep rally, a group of the boys did what I can only call a cheer?  A martial arts move?  A little of both?  Anyway, I thought it was interesting.

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