Monday, May 13, 2013

The Big 3-3

My birthday came and went this weekend, and even though the weather was terrible (why Sapporo must you be cloudy and rainy every day this Spring?) we managed to get out and have a good time.

We ate at our favorite little burger shop and we ate with some friends who bestowed upon me the sweetest of gifts.  Then Nathan made me a bloody Mary and we caught up on our TV shows.

Sunday I spent the afternoon with my boys.  I wanted to buy some plants for the balcony, but the weather is still pretty crappy, so I decided to wait another week.  Later in the evening, I met up with some friends and we went out for some karaoke.  A great way to end the weekend, if I do say so.

I've received so many lovely flowers/ cards/ gifts/ FB messages this weekend, and it's made me so happy.  All my family and friends at home and around the world, I learned so much from you all.  I'm so, so lucky to have come in contact with so many amazing people.  You all have made my 33 years on this Earth so very special!  I can't wait to see what's next!

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