Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nathan ran 110 K, and we went to prison

How's that for a title?

Earlier in the year, Nathan signed up for his very first ultra-marathon, or trail running marathon, or ultra trail running super marathon.

I don't know really know what it's called, but it was two days, 110 K, and he ran over  several mountains.

Oh, there's the name.

Our friend Kazunari was kind enough to borrow his friends' camper, and we made the 3 hour trip to the Taisetsu Mountain range and National Park, the largest National Park in Japan.

Nathan's race started at 4am on Sunday morning, and we braved the mosquitos to wish him good luck.

Yes, this is Japan at 4am.  The sun comes up ridiculously early here.
While Nathan was running/hiking his little heart out, we decided to drive 2 hours east to Abashiri.  There, we went to the Abashiri Prison Museum, where 100 or so years ago, prisoners were used to build a highway connecting Abashiri with Asahikawa.  Using the down-trodden to tame the frontier - sounds like another country I know (cough cough, America, cough cough)

Afterwards, we went to the sight of where Nathan was going to finish, and while waiting, I made him a daisy chain.  He was thrilled, obviously.

On Sunday night, we stayed at a hotel in Sounkyou, which Ethan and I have decided to rename Rivendell.  Seriously beautiful place.

Nathan started at 6am the next morning, and we decided to take a Ropeway up Mount Kuro, because we are not trail runners and we didn't bring hiking shoes.

While we were coming down, I got a call from Nathan - he'd finished the race two hours earlier than we had anticipated!  That guy, I'm tellin' ya, is Super Man!  I was a little bummed we didn't get to see him cross the finish line, but I was just so glad he was feeling ok.

And that was that.  Traveling in the Hokkaido countryside was amazing, and definitely something I'd like to do more of.  And Nathan's already planning his next run!  You just can't stop this guy!!

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