Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ethan's artistic side

During summer vacation, I enrolled Ethan in calligraphy classes with our Japanese teacher.  I figured he needed something to do during his two-month hiatus from school besides play games on his computer.  So every Sunday, from 1:00-3:00, he'd go to class, carrying the calligraphy case our teacher bought for him.

When I would meet with our teacher for Japanese class, she'd tell me that Ethan had a real talent for calligraphy and that he had a good eye for seeing how to make a beautiful character (kanji character).

I figured once school started up again, Ethan would want to quit, but he told me that he really enjoys the classes and he wants to continue.

When Ethan was in elementary school in New Jersey, he used to take art classes on Sundays at a local studio.  At that time, he loved drawing, and I saw a real talent in him.  Over the years, that interest has waned, and he became uninterested in drawing, but I knew he still had that talent.  It's so nice to see him using that artistic side again.

Two months since he started, he's now writing ancient Chinese poems on long scrolls.  Something I certainly can't do!

Thank you, Sagara Sensei, for being such a great teacher for Ethan!

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