Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just Keep Singing

Last week, Kousei and I played a Live at Mellow with three other performing groups.  It was strange, playing at Mellow without Takuya, and Kousei and I were both a bit nervous.

My friends Maya and John played first, and after two more groups, we played at around 10:30.  I was afraid everyone would be sleepy and ready to go by the time it was our turn, since it was a Wednesday (am I fated to never have a Live performance on a weekend??).  But everybody stuck around and was so supportive.

Our set list:

"Stay" - Rihanna
"すき" - Dreams Come True
"そばにいて" - Misia
"True Love" - *forgot the singer's name

  Despite a few snags, I think we did pretty good job.  I'm becoming more confident in singing Japanese songs (I wish I could say the same thing about my Japanese speaking!)

And after performing three times in November, that was our last Live of the month.  We'll play again at Mellow in December for a special Christmas Live.  If you're in Sapporo, please come by!!

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