Tuesday, May 10, 2011

236 days to go....

Day 123: Another shot of the living room. I just really loved the light.

Day 124 and 125: My photos were lost during these days, because my phone broke. But all's well now.
Day 126: Celebrating Golden Week with a new plant.

Day 127: Maze made of cardboard at a shopping mall.

Day 128: Sign at a dry cleaners.

Day 129: Kanae "driving" home after my birthday party at Jacksonville.


This week, I started my month visit to Yamanote Special Needs School. Lots to say about this place, but I'll dedicate that to it's own post later in the week.

For the next 10 days starting tomorrow, we're going to be the dorm parents at Hokkaido Int'l School's dorm, while our friends are away. That should prove interesting....I'll let you all know how that goes.

This cloudy and rainy May has been making me depressed. I need sun! And temps above 45 degrees please!! Please Sapporo, don't skip spring, it's my favorite season!

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