Monday, May 2, 2011

243 days to go...

Day 116: Various rice snacks at the supermarket.

Day 117: Oops

Day 118: Usually, I'm not too impressed by the English "sayings" on Japanese products. But I like this bag.

Day 119: The first blooms I've seen this Spring. Hoping for more to come...

Day 120: Friday was a holiday, and I had told the Hitsujigaoka baseball team that I'd come see their game. Imagine my surprise when I see the Hokuyo 2nd year basketball team at Fukuzumi station. I think they were pretty surprised as well! I miss these boys!

Day 121: The beginning of my humble balcony garden. I have basil, sage, parsley, mint (for my herb garden), two tomato plants, and I bought seeds for some lettuce greens and even some zinnias (my favorite flower). Let's just hope it grows!

Day 122: The last of the snow. Not so pretty anymore.


This week was the beginning of "Golden Week" in Japan, a series of holidays that includes Children's Day this Thursday. So I'm off this whole week, which is nice, if the weather will cooperate! Saturday was absolutely beautiful, and spurred me and Nate to make a trip to Homac and buy all my gardening supplies. But today was ridiculously windy and rainy, and it forced me to stay indoors. Seriously, I haven't seen wind like this since I lived in the Panhandle of Texas! So I feel like today was kind of a waste, but I guess it's OK to have days like that every once in a while. After the holidays, I'll be starting my month-long visit to Yamanote Special Education School, which I'm excited about. In June, it'll be back to Hitsujigaoka, which is getting better every day. In fact, it was just this past week that I was beginning to form some really close bonds with some of the students. Hopefully I won't have to start all over with those kids when I return. Tell you the truth, I'm gonna miss those crazy kids. Why do I always get so attached?

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