Sunday, May 8, 2011

Awesomeness and Foodliness

Wow, is it May already?

Apparently Sapporo hasn't gotten that memo, because it's still cloudy and cold around these parts. In fact, it's so unlike May around here that it's hard to believe that it is time for my birthday. Frankly, I wouldn't have minded forgetting, seeing as how I'm turning *31* this year, a number I'd like to avoid. But time moves on, whether you want it to or not. We're actually going to be the dorm parents for the HIS dorm during my birthday (the 11th), so Nathan organized a little get-together with some friends last night at our favorite hamburger joint, Jacksonville.

It was a great time with good friends, and we packed the place, as usual. In addition to the sparkly sundae Seichii (the owner of Jacksonville) made for me, Ariel made a yummy lemon cake. I have the best friends!

After Jacksonville, it was off to karaoke, and I was super excited about this, since Ethan and Nate hadn't experienced karaoke in Japan yet. Ethan said earlier in the evening that he wasn't going to sing at all, but by the end of the night, he not only sung a couple of song, but he was choosing songs all on his own!

And to top off all the celebration, today was Mother's Day! My boys got me a beautiful bike.
Isn't she pretty? Now I can bike to the subway station every morning. Yippee!! And Ethan wrote me the sweetest letter:

Each petal says a thing he loves about me. My personal favorite is, "always wears clothes that make her look European." And check out what he wrote at the bottom:

This is some pretty deep stuff right here. And where in the world did Ethan learn a Carl Sagan quote? I have such an exceptional son! Here's what he wrote under the quote: "Mom has invented my universe by being a Mom of awesomeness and foodliness.

Yes. Awesomeness and Foodliness. I think that's two pretty cool things to be! Happy Mother's Day everyone!!

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