Saturday, October 20, 2012

Strike up the band, my sister's here!

Yes, that's right, my sister is here in Sapporo!!  And on her first day, we saw a marching band.  It was as if Sapporo was welcoming her!

As anyone who's been around me knows, I've been super excited for my sister's arrival.  We are very close, and it's been hard to be away from her these past few years.  This trip has been a long time coming - it seemed like every time she was ready to make plans for come here, something would happen that would postpone the trip.  But now she's here, and for two months!  I can't wait to show her all my favorite places, and my favorite people (you know who you are)!

On her first day, we had a birthday party for Nathan, and a welcome party for her at a nice little izakaya in Sumikawa.  I think Rachel was in awe of how kind the Japanese people are......and the nomihodai.

We've gone to karaoke, eaten soba, ramen, and soup curry, and she's only been here three days!  I'm trying to pace myself, but there's so much I want to show her!

Here's to an awesome two months!!

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